Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Berlin and Samuel H. Wright

Because Berlin H. Wright expressed his knowledge of geology so well in The Student’s Handbook of Yates County it would be hard to believe that these formations occurred naturally. It also seems unlikely that he would mistaken these structures for an early stone quarry. The reported find of corn may be an important clue to who built and lived at this site. The fact that Samuel H. Wright reports that he had a conversation with Mr. Sullivan the builder of the Wagener Mansion is interesting. It seems certain that stones from the site were used to build the estate and other houses on the Bluff because they were easily accessible. If this site were only a stone quarry from which the material for local buildings were mined the conversation between Mr. Wright and Mr. Sullivan should have ended speculation that this was more than a quarry. This is not the case. In fact it has been reported that years after their discovery the Wrights went to the site and loaded the “stone pillar” onto a stone boat and moved it to their house on County House road so that it wouldn’t be destroyed. After many years this stone was buried somewhere in the yard of the Wrights house where it still lies today.

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