Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gil Brewer

During the 1930’s a local newspaper writer, Gil Brewer, did an informal archaeological dig at the Bluff Point site over the course of two summers. This dig was reported in the local paper and many people went to visit the site. Mr. Brewer dug at least three holes in sections of the graded ways that were still visible. Marlin Griffiths a long time resident of Bluff Point worked at the site for Mr. Brewer. He remembered digging holes that were at least eight feet deep and eventually hitting a vein of water that filled the holes overnight. Mr. Brewer showed him some pieces of rusty iron that he had found. Mr. Griffiths felt they were just old pieces of farm equipment. Mr. Griffiths did report seeing large sections of stone laid out like a patio floor in addition to seeing the graded ways. He also remembered some of the people involved in the dig planting artifacts as a joke.
Mr. Brewer claimed to have found pieces of enameled metal that was engraved with effigies of animals and women. He felt that the people who built the structures on Bluff Point were ancient Europeans. None of the supposed evidence that Mr. Brewer found was ever documented and no record of it exist today. It is possible that Mr. Brewer, who was known to be quite a showman, exaggerated his findings. It is also possible that Mr. Brewer did find these items but was not professional enough to document his findings. Some mound building cultures were thought to have made enameled stamps engraved with designs, these stamps would be dipped in die and the designs would be applied to clothing. In the end Mr. Brewer abandoned this project and it seems to have provided little useful information that would explain the mystery of the Bluff Point ruins.

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